The Nexus: Yaku HQ and Heart of Legends

In this extraordinary place, you'll find meeting rooms where the leads of different quests and initiatives come together to share updates, debate strategies, and forge new alliances. And it's not just for work; social zones invite members to unwind, share their epic tales, and even challenge each other in friendly leaderboard competitions.

But the Nexus is also a sophisticated laboratory where the Yaku organization's most brilliant minds delve into the mysteries of Seisui and the Chain of Eternity. Cutting-edge research labs are dedicated to the study and exploration.

"In the Nexus, we are not just architects of technology but stewards of legends. Here, the Seisui pools glisten with untapped potential, and the Chain of Eternity links us to realms beyond imagination. It's not a mere headquarters, it's a crucible where destiny is forged and redefined"

Kaito - Oracle of Yaku

1. The Mythical Origin of the Nexus

  • The Kamis' Pact

Realizing the potential—and danger—of a dystopian world where the technology take place beyond the life, the Kamis formed a sacred pact. They would pool their energies into forging a Nexus and its Seisui pool, an axis mundi that would keep the balance between the ancient and the modern, the mystical and the mechanical, the divine and the damned. Ancient manuscripts speak of the Nexus as the wellspring of Seisui, overseen by the primordial Kami who acted as its first guardians.

  • The First Guardian

Hiyonaku, the mythical cyber-serpent, as the first Guardian of the Nexus. Equipped with scales of impenetrable nanofibers and breath of incandescent plasma, Hiyonaku was to safeguard the Nexus from ill-intentioned beings. With a roar that could tear the veil between realms, the Guardian took its place at the Nexus, awaiting the day when worthy adventurers would seek its mysteries.

  • The Divine Blueprint & The Seisui Prophecy

As the Kamis withdrew into the cosmic shadows, they left behind a blueprint inscribed in the very atoms of the Nexus—a divine roadmap for the evolution of Yaku. This ethereal document is thought to contain prophecies, describing events and milestones that would redefine what it means to be a Kami, or even something beyond that.

One of these texts tell of a future Kami who will master Seisui like no other, bringing about a new era of harmony and unimaginable strength.

  • Echoes in the Chronicles

The Nexus, and its mythical origins, are frequently hinted at in the ancient Chronicles of Yaku. Scribbled in glowing ink by prophetic scribes, the Chronicles tell of a day when "the Nexus shall sing, and the stars shall listen, and a new chapter will unfold in the Book of Yaku."

  • The Rediscovery

When Yaku unearthed the Nexus, its reality surpassed all legends. Beneath layers of earth and veiled in mystic energies, the Nexus revealed itself as an awe-inspiring temple, alive with the palpable power of Seisui. Yaku, recognizing the significance of this place, made it their headquarters—the heart where the study, mastery, and safeguarding of Seisui could occur.

  • The Guardians of Seisui

The Nexus houses an untainted reservoir of Seisui, watched over by the spirits of ancient Kami. These guardian spirits have become part of the Nexus itself, their essences inextricably linked with the sanctity of the temple. They serve as protectors and guides for the worthy who seek to understand Seisui's power.

  • An Unfolding Enigma

The Nexus itself is an enigma that continues to evolve. Its passages extend into unknown depths, and new chambers filled with secrets continually appear, providing ever-expanding knowledge about the nature of Seisui.

2. Geographical Location of the Nexus

  • The Yakushima Forest Entry

Though deeply intertwined with the urban labyrinth of Yakushima City, the primary and most sacred entrance to the Nexus is hidden within the enigmatic Yakushima Forest. Cloaked in mist and ancient trees, this entrance is guarded by natural wonders and mystical beings, designed to test the mettle of even the most promising Kami. Here, in a clearing bathed in eternal twilight, a hidden passage opens to those who prove themselves worthy, leading them on the path to the Nexus.

  • The Urban Gateways

Intriguingly, alternate paths to this sanctum exist within the sprawling maze of Yakushima City itself. One such concealed door lies behind an unassuming fast-food store, a place where citizens unknowingly come and go, completely oblivious to the cosmic secrets just a veil away. The store's proprietor acts as a guardian, part of a clandestine order sworn to protect the Nexus and its arcane knowledge. Only those in the know, armed with arcane passcodes and secret handshakes, can access the concealed gateway and embark on the journey to the underworld temple.

These hidden doors not only serve as convenient entryways but also as tests that measure the intuition and worthiness of aspiring Kami. While many may walk past these hidden entrances every day, only the destined few will ever find their way to the Nexus, where the pulsing heart of Seisui calls out to the future legends of this world.

  • The Echoing Caverns

The subterranean landscape surrounding the Nexus consists of a complex system of echoing caverns filled with luminous crystals and wide vegetations. These natural wonders resonate with the Seisui, amplifying its presence and creating a harmonious symphony that fills the air with an otherworldly energy.

Its walls adorned with glowing glyphs and intricate carvings that recount the ancient lore of the Kami. At the heart of the Nexus, a shimmering pool of pure Seisui radiates with divine essence, overlooked by statues of the ancient guardian Kami.

  • The Uncharted Depths

Even now, the full expanse of the Nexus remains unknown. Its intricate network of tunnels, chambers, and sanctuaries seem to extend infinitely into the Earth, as if challenging the Kami to venture further, to explore deeper, to unlock more ancient secrets.

The geographical secrecy and divine aura of the Nexus make it an awe-inspiring location of untold significance. Only the most dedicated will uncover its many mysteries, forever shaping the destiny of the Kami and the world above. Are you prepared for this epic journey?

3. The Heart of Nexus: The Seisui Chamber

Deep within the intricate weave of the Nexus's architectural wonder lies its most sacred and mysterious room: The Seisui Chamber. Often considered the "heart" of the Nexus, this room is where the potent energies of the Seisui are both stored and channeled. The atmosphere in this chamber is palpably different—denser, laden with a mystical energy that penetrates the very soul of anyone who steps inside.

  • The Seisui Pool

Dominating the center of the chamber is an awe-inspiring pool of liquid Seisui, shimmering with an inner light and emitting a soft hum that resonates at the frequency of creation itself. The pool is the wellspring of the Nexus's lifeblood, its energies feeding into every stone, glyph, and mechanism throughout the sprawling underground temple. Some say the Seisui Pool is bottomless, and that its depths house mysteries beyond human comprehension.

  • Crystalline Veins

Radiating from the Seisui Pool like the branches of an ancient tree are intricate channels lined with the same rare crystal as the Pillars of Seisui. These "veins" carry the fluid essence of Seisui throughout the Nexus, connecting all the major chambers and powering the magical and technological marvels within.

  • Naomi: Keeper of the Seisui

Within this radiant space operates Naomi, the Seisui Specialist. Her office, adjacent to the Seisui Pool, is both a haven of serenity and a hub of scientific fervor. Naomi has an extraordinary bond with the Seisui; her presence alone seems to elicit a visible ripple in the liquid, as if acknowledging her role as its keeper.

She's responsible for maintaining the pool's delicate ecosystem, nurturing the Seisui’s growth, and conducting vital research to harness its mystical properties. Working diligently amidst archaic tools and futuristic tech, Naomi serves as the ultimate guardian of this room's spiritual essence. Her experiments and discoveries directly contribute to Yaku’s mission, making her an invaluable member within the Nexus.

  • The Prophecy Wall

On the furthest wall of the chamber is an enigmatic mural often referred to as the Prophecy Wall. It's a mesmerizing collage of celestial bodies, arcane symbols, and shadowy figures that appear to move and change when observed from different angles. Scholars and seers believe that the mural tells of future events and milestones on the path to Kami ascension but the exact interpretations remain a topic of fierce debate.

4. The Simulation Arena: The Raijin Fields

Beyond the spiritual tranquility of the Seisui Chamber lies another awe-inspiring wonder—The Raijin Fields. Named after the legendary Kami of thunder and lightning, this expansive area serves as Yaku's cutting-edge simulation arena. Contrasting the serene Seisui Chamber, Raijin Fields pulsate with electrifying energies, as if the air itself is charged with the might of the storm gods. It’s where Yaku explore and study the power of the Chain of Eternity, thanks to Yaku Motors technology, they found a way to interact with though the Raijin Helmet.

Upon entering the arena, one cannot help but be struck by its colossal scale and intricate design. Simulation rooms are placed everywhere to host any Yaku aiming to try a simulation. Once wearing the Raijin Helmet, their reality is transformed into a dynamic battleground that can mimic a plethora of environments—from the arid deserts of ancient legends to the neon-lit streets of a cyberpunk dystopia.

  • The Functionality

At its core the Raijin Helmet is an experimental, designed for testing new abilities, engaging in strategic combat simulations, and honing the skills of would-be Kami. It's a stage where players can unleash their full potential, pushing the boundaries of what's possible within the realm of Yaku. With a simple command, they can generate holographic adversaries, environmental obstacles, or even replicate famous battles from Yaku's rich lore. The legend says that it’s possible to travel through time, as the Chain of Eternity, chain of life, records everything in life. It’s possible to travel through its memory.

  • The Tech Behind The Magic

Advanced algorithms and state-of-the-art sensory equipment ensure that the simulations are not only visually stunning but also highly interactive. Every aspect of the arena is under the control of Raijin Core, an intelligent system developed by Yaku Motors, capable of adapting the difficulty level and parameters of the simulation in real-time based on a player's performance.

The Raijin Fields serve as a testament to the ingenuity and innovative spirit that defines Yaku. It represents the seamless fusion of ancient myth and modern technology, providing a fully immersive experience that challenges the boundaries between reality and imagination. Whether you're a novice adventurer or an ascending Kami, the Raijin Fields offer an unparalleled arena to test your mettle and forge your destiny.

  • Life-Giving Mechanics

The Chain of Eternity serves as the lifeblood of the Raijin Fields. It facilitates an array of reality-altering simulations. Players can engage in hyper-realistic combat training, delve into exploratory missions within the Chain itself, or even participate in mind-bending quests that tap into the mysteries of existence.

  • Sakura, the Yaku Motors' Engineer

Takes care of the technological aspects of the Nexus, including the creation and improvement of the Raijin Helmets.

Sakura is a genius inventor who specializes in optimizing the use of the Seisui. She is the lead engineer behind the Raijin Helmets and continuously seeks to enhance its functionalities. Her tasks include maintaining the Nexus's technology, upgrading the Raijin Helmets, and developing new tools to aid in the Yaku's resistance

  • Social and Competitive Aspects

The Raijin Fields offer more than individual growth; they provide the framework for social interactions and competitive challenges. From forming alliances to engage in group in quests or facing off against rival guilds in thrilling simulations, the stakes are unimaginably high given the Chain's reality-bending powers.

5. The Elysian Galleries: A Lore Journey Through Time

  • The Divine Genesis

In Yaku's dawn, when the world was still an enigma, the first Kami named Uzume felt a yearning for a sanctuary of creation and imagination to conserve, transmit and share the Yaku lore. Using her divine powers, she breathed life into the Elysian Galleries, a space beyond time and reality. It was a realm of endless corridors and rooms filled with celestial art, each piece capturing the mythic essence of Yaku. To enter, an individual needed to contribute a creation of their own, thereby unlocking the divine seal that Uzume had ingeniously crafted.

  • Guardians of the Divine

The Galleries were not without their secrets, hidden in spaces where even the most daring explorers hesitated to tread. The most sacred of all was the "Canvas of Fates," a mystical painting interwoven with threads connected directly to the Chain of Eternity. Their role was to safeguard the lore, regulate commerce, and ensure the Galleries remained a sanctuary for all. Rumors told that this canvas had the power to reshape destinies and rewrite the narrative of the universe. A shadowy society known as "The Curators" emerged, tasked with safeguarding the Galleries and its secret treasure. With wisdom and stealth, they ensured the "Canvas of Fates" remained untouched, yet ever observed.

  • The Web of Worlds

As the eons passed, Yaku evolved into a vibrant tapestry of ancient myths and cutting-edge technology. The Elysian Galleries reflected this transformation, becoming a dynamic blend of old and new. Celestial artwork and sculptures of yore were now neighbored by holographic displays and interactive virtual installations. Even real-world corporate titans like Honda and Toys "R" Us made their mark, each contributing to the Galleries' ever-changing milieu under the cautious eye of The Curators.

  • The Dawn of Commerce and Cultural Fusion

Over time, as Yaku evolved, the Elysian Galleries adapted to the new era. Inhabitants from various realms and epochs brought their own art forms and ideologies into the Galleries. The age of exploration ushered in a wave of commerce, turning the Galleries into a nexus of cultural exchange and business ventures. The ancient artifacts mingled with cutting-edge technology, and vendors showcased wonders both magical and mechanical.

  • Hiroshi, the Historian and Curator Lead

Aligns with the Nexus's role as a repository of ancient knowledge and cultural heritage.

Hiroshi is an Android expert in ancient history and mythology, with a deep understanding of the Kami's intentions and teachings. He interprets ancient texts and relics, reconstructing the forgotten knowledge and preserving it for future generations. His tasks include deciphering ancient Kami scriptures found by Yaku, educating the Resistance about their heritage, and advising on strategy based on historical patterns.

A middle-aged Adroid man with a scholar's grace, Hiroshi stands amidst the Nexus library, surrounded by holographic archives. His traditional Japanese attire is juxtaposed with modern. Hiroshi's face is focused and calm, showing deep wisdom and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. His eyes, reflecting the glow of the data streams, scan through the wealth of information, offering a testament to the countless histories and stories he guards.

6. The Guardians of the Nexus: Yaku Motors' Sentinels

The guardians of the Nexus are not mere mortals but advanced robotic sentinels, manufactured by Yaku Motors, a subsidiary of the sprawling Yaku empire. Their exterior is forged from a unique blend of mythril and nanomaterials, making them near-impervious to physical damage. Their CPU cores are partially based on the intricacies of ancient Kami lore, intertwining age-old wisdom with modern technology to create protectors that are both powerful and in tune with the mystical elements of the Nexus.

  • The Two-Fold Purpose

While the guardians primarily serve to protect the Nexus from unauthorized entry, they also function as keepers of its sanctity and lore. Equipped with advanced A.I., they can discern the intentions of those who approach, only permitting entry to those whose auras resonate with the Seisui's mystical frequencies.

  • The Intricate Balance

Interestingly, these robotic sentinels maintain a delicate balance between technology and spirituality. Their programming incorporates the philosophies of ancient Kami, the ethics of Seisui, and the complex algorithms required for snap decision-making. This intricate weave of old and new makes them the perfect gatekeepers for the Nexus, a place where past and present converge in a mystical dance of fate.