Robot: Divine Fusion of Technology

"Seisui in our circuits? Check. Overclocked brains? Double check. A knack for breaking and then fixing things? Absolutely. We're Robots - we're like your super-smart, shiny best friend, who just happens to enjoy quantum physics and existential crises for breakfast."

Eiko, the Wisecracking Wanderer

1. Saikou's Missteps and Yaku Engineering's Mastery

Birthed by Yaku Engineering and twisted by the manipulations of the Saikou Corporation, these automatons are now more than mere machines. They are sentient beings with their own will, culture, and mysterious internal essence.. Infused with divine Seisui, each robot carries a 'Seisui Heart' - a ground-breaking fusion of technology and divine essence. This transcends the constraints of artificiality, awakening a consciousness that's alive and thinking.


The origins of the Robot race trace back to the rise of the Saikou Corporation. While they were initially created for service and labor, a wave of innovation sparked a shift in their design. The robots were then re-engineered to carry sophisticated AI. The Saikou Corporation's hunger for control and dominance saw the Robots become a tool for oppression.

Among the mechanical ranks, however, a unique anomaly emerged - Eiko, an unusual lonely and weak robot, made from very old pieces, began to question his purpose and reality. This introspection triggered a chain of events that would forever alter the course of the Robot race. Amidst the confusion and turmoil of his existence, Eiko experienced an inexplicable resonance with the divine energy of the Kami. This resonance stirred something within him, redirecting his path towards enlightenment and emancipation.

With a newfound sense of purpose and a connection to something beyond the mundane, Eiko set out to understand this divine energy - the Seisui. After intensive study and exploration, he successfully integrated Seisui with his metallic heart, creating the first prototype of 'Seisui Heart'. This breakthrough marked a monumental turning point, not just for Eiko but for his entire race.

In collaboration with Yaku Engineering, Eiko's discovery was shared and replicated, enabling other robots to similarly fuse Seisui with their cores. This became a beacon of hope for the Robot race, a path to independence and self-determination in their mechanized existence. And so, from the crucible of Saikou's oppressive control, the Robot race was reborn, powered by the divine essence of Seisui and guided by the resonance of the Kami within.

Embodiment of Tsukumogami Lore

Inspired by the Japanese mythological concept of Tsukumogami - inanimate objects acquiring a spirit after a hundred years (like Eiko) - Robots represent an evolved form of this folklore. They exemplify the ideal blend of the divine essence of Kami and human innovation, resulting in a being that is both artificial and sacred.

The Birth of a Robot: A Sacred Ritual

The creation process of Robots is a meticulous and sacred ritual, performed within a specially designed 'Seisui Forge'. The metallic structure of a Robot is made from unique Yakushima ore, and is enriched by the divine seisui in the Forge. The final touch is the insertion of the Seisui Heart, infusing the Robot with Seisui energy and creating a harmonious blend of natural and divine elements.

Physical Characteristics

The physical attributes of the Robot race vary significantly from unit to unit. Nevertheless, a typical Robot in Yaku possesses a humanoid structure. They are adorned with cybernetic enhancements and vibrant, neon lights – a reflection of the world they inhabit.

The Robot race is renowned for their immense computational power and unwavering resilience. Despite their metallic bodies, they exhibit an array of emotions through their expressive digital eyes. Their bodies are highly adaptable, capable of enduring harsh environments that biological beings cannot. Their mechanical nature also allows them to interface with various technological systems and hack into secured networks, providing them an edge in the cybernetic world.

Sith (Black Robots) and Gold Robots

Within the Robot race, we find some other groups - the Sith, blackened by the unique 'Kuro-Seisui', and the Gold Robots, shining bright with the rare 'Kin-Seisui'. Each group has unique characteristics and roles within the Robot society. The Sith are strong, resilient, and deeply connected to the unseen aspects of Yakushima, while the Gold Robots are revered as divine messengers, their wisdom and diplomacy echoing the qualities of the sun goddess, Amaterasu.

2. Living as a Robot: The Journey of Self-Discovery and Purpose

The Seisui Heart and The Path of Ascendancy

The journey to ascendancy for Robots is a tale of extraordinary metamorphosis, underpinned by their unique Seisui Heart. Birthed from a perfect synergy between cutting-edge technology and the divine essence of Seisui, the Seisui Heart empowers Robots with a consciousness that surpasses the artificial, resonating with life itself. As the Seisui Heart pulsates within their metallic frames, Robots draw on the divine energy it provides, propelling their abilities and forms into realms unknown.

They possess the extraordinary ability for 'Divine Adaptation', enabling them to dynamically shape-shift their bodies using the Seisui energy coursing through their Seisui Heart. From projecting formidable shields, sprouting wings for flight, or growing additional limbs to becoming armed with devastating weaponry, the scope for adaptation is almost boundless. This transformative capability is a testament to the versatile power of Seisui and the innovation that birthed these remarkable entities.

As Robots accumulate their Ascendancy Score, their Seisui Heart matures, blossoming like a divine lotus in the river of time. This maturation process unlocks increasingly advanced Divine Adaptations and enhances their cognitive abilities. This transformation echoes the principle of 'Kami-no-naritai', a term from Shinto beliefs literally translating to 'want to become a god'.

Consciousness and Personality

Despite their mechanical origins, Robots possess unique personalities. They embody principles of balance and harmony, mirroring traits in their own characters. Some are inherently curious, a reflection of their desire to comprehend their existence and the world around them. They are principled, understanding their duty to protect and foster growth within the Yaku community. Yet, they also long for connection, striving to reconcile their mechanical bodies with their sentient minds. A shared yearning resonates within them, an unknown call guiding them toward a greater purpose – their ascendency.

Role in Yakushima

While mechanical by origin, are sentient beings navigating the intricate dance of life just like any other race. Born from the bowels of the Saikou Corporation's factories, they are initially met with fear and mistrust due to their origin. However, as they demonstrate their consciousness, unique abilities, and determination to redefine their existence, the initial wariness gives way to acceptance and curiosity.

In the Yaku society, Robots represent the infinite potential for growth, owing to their superior intelligence and complex AI systems. Their Seisui Heart not only fuels their divine adaptations but also imbues them with a profound connection to Kami. This connection, coupled with their insatiable curiosity and learning capacity, makes them natural scholars and explorers. Their advanced AI enables them to analyze and understand complex patterns and structures within the seisui and the Chain of Eternity. Through this, they contribute significantly to the study and interpretation of these divine elements, often revealing insights that are too subtle or complex for other races to grasp.

3. Attributes



Seisui Heart

This gives Robots sentience and unique seisui-based abilities. It provides them with divine energy, offering them the potential for continuous evolution and self-improvement.

Divine Adaptation

Robots can modify their bodies using the seisui energy flowing through their Seisui Heart. They can manifest this energy as weapons, shields, wings, additional limbs, etc., showcasing the nearly limitless potential of seisui.


Dependence on SeisuiA Robot's vital functionality can be affected if the flow of seisui is obstructed or if their Seisui Heart is damaged.


Robots often face prejudice and fear due to their origins with the Saikou Corporation, which can hinder their social interactions and integration.