Cyborgs: Harmony of Man, Machine, and the Divine

"Through the veins of Cyborgs flow the divine Seisui. In their hearts, the human spirit perseveres."

Unknown Cyborg

1. Cyborgs: The Chosen Heroes at the Crossroads of Divinity and Technology

In the evolving chronicles of Yakushima, the Cyborgs stand as a striking testament to humanity's resilience and creativity. These extraordinary beings, born from the fusion of divine energy, human spirit, and technological prowess, tread a path hitherto unknown to their ancestors.

The Metamorphosis: Origin of the Cyborgs

Beginning their journey as ordinary humans, they faced a hostile world on the brink of chaos. Faced with impending doom, these individuals exhibited the quintessential human traits of adaptability and courage. The emergence of Cyborgs on the island can be traced back to the arrival of Seisui. With its ability to infuse with both the organic and inanimate, Seisui was able to merge with technology, resulting in the birth of the Cyborgs. These beings are chosen by the Kami, not in the same way as Shinigami, but through a unique process that remains largely a mystery.

The transformation of an individual into a Cyborg is not an instantaneous event, but rather a progressive journey, referred to as the Ascendency. It's a gradual transformation that involves their bodies becoming one with technology, powered by Seisui as a fuel. This slow metamorphosis involves a white, glowing transformation, which is a stark contrast to the dark transformation experienced by the Shinigami.

Seisui Core: The Heart of a Cyborg

Nestled within the mechanized frame of each Cyborg rests the 'Seisui Core,' an extraordinary creation borne from the marvels of Yaku Engineering. This cybernetic gem, a testament to the seamless blend of organic and synthetic, is much more than an organ; it is a conduit, a nexus where the ephemeral divine energy of Seisui interweaves with the indomitable human spirit.

Like the heart in a traditional sense, the Seisui Core throbs with life, pulsating with the divine energy it contains. Yet, its function surpasses that of a mere organic pump. It forms the cradle for their supernatural abilities, serving as the jumping-off point from which their power erupts and cascades, revealing itself in feats of strength, speed, or resilience that are nothing short of extraordinary.

Each Seisui Core is akin to a living biography, distinctly unique and deeply personal. This ever-changing aspect of the Seisui Core is a reflection of humanity's mutable essence, the inherent adaptability that has been the cornerstone of human survival and progress through the millennia. It is here, within this divine-technological fusion, that the Cyborgs carry the very soul of humanity — its tenacity, its adaptability, and its ceaseless spirit of exploration and evolution. It is through the Seisui Core that the individual experiences of the Cyborgs are recorded and immortalized in the Chain of Eternity

With each heartbeat, each pulse of Seisui energy, the Cyborgs bear testament to the boundless potential that arises when the divine, the human, and the machine converge, forming a symphony of progression that resonates through the ages.

The Chosen: Isoka Sugiyama

Standing at the vanguard of the Cyborgs is the hero, Isoka Sugiyama. He bears a Seisui Core that resonates powerfully with the divine energy, demonstrating the immense potential of this transformation. Sugiyama, however, uses his enhanced abilities for a cause greater than himself. Like the noble heroes of ancient Japanese tales, he stands as a beacon of hope and resistance against the sinister Saikou Solutions, channeling his powers to safeguard harmony and balance.

2. Living as a Cyborg: An Intersection of Worlds

Being a Cyborg is a unique experience that blends spiritual divinity and technological prowess. With a consciousness that spans both the digital and the spiritual realms, they perceive the world in a manner that no human or Shinigami can. Their Seisui-powered enhancements grant them extraordinary capabilities. Yet, they are not merely machines powered by divine energy. The Seisui within them gives them a connection to the Kami.

Ascendancy in the Lights: Close to the divine

Cyborgs are defined by their 'Ascendancy Score,' a measure of their evolution and their connection with the Seisui. Progression in Ascendancy is not a linear pathway but a journey through distinct stages. Each stage signifies a leap in power and an even closer kinship with the divine energy of the Seisui. Not only does each new stage result in a significant upgrade of abilities, but these transformations are also physically visible. But how they transform and ascend remain for now a mistery.

Spirit of Resistance: The Personality of the Cyborgs

Despite their mechanized enhancements, Cyborgs retain their humanity, their spirits indomitable as ever. They bear the loss of their fully human selves but channel this sense of loss into an unwavering resolve to protect the vulnerable and dismantle oppressive forces. The soul of a Cyborg is that of a fighter, practical and relentless, highlighting their commitment to resistance and action.

Role in Yakushima: Guardians of Balance

In the societal structure of Yakushima, Cyborgs play a vital role in maintaining the balance between technological advancement and spiritual divinity. Through their Seisui Cores, their existence itself is a testament to the cohabitation of nature and technology, making them symbols of harmony and balance in the society. As the island continues to evolve, with various forces trying to seize control over Seisui and its divine powers, the role of the Cyborgs becomes even more crucial. They are the guardians of balance, ensuring that the divine energy of Seisui isn’t exploited and that the island's spiritual essence remains intact.

On the other hand, the Shinigami serve as direct emissaries of the Kami, their existence steeped in the ethereal and the spiritual. They represent the divine will in the mortal realm, preserving the spiritual order and acting as intermediaries between the Kami and the inhabitants of Yakushima.

Despite their distinct roles, Cyborgs and Shinigami complement each other in their shared goal: the preservation of balance and harmony in Yakushima. In essence, the Cyborgs and Shinigami are two sides of the same coin, their roles intertwined in a dance of balance and harmony, each as crucial as the other in maintaining the divine order in Yakushima. Together, they symbolize a perfect balance between the mortal and the divine, the tangible and the ethereal, forming the mysterious and harmonious equilibrium that is Yakushima.

3. Attributes



Enhanced Abilities

With the Seisui Core as their power source, Cyborgs have enhanced physical and digital capabilities. They can exhibit superhuman strength, speed, and resilience, alongside unique cybernetic skills like hacking or advanced computation.

Technological Manipulation

Cyborgs can interact with and control technology, providing them with a unique edge in a world that blends the natural and the digital.


Being both organic and cybernetic, Cyborgs can adapt to a wide variety of environments and situations. They can withstand conditions that may be too harsh for humans or Shinigami.


Reliance on Seisui CoreThe Seisui Core is their lifeblood. Damage to the core can significantly weaken a Cyborg or potentially lead to their demise.

Overreliance on Technology

While their cybernetic abilities are a boon, they also come with vulnerabilities. Cyber attacks, EMPs, or technology nullifying abilities can render a Cyborg powerless or severely limited.

Lack of Spiritual Abilities

Unlike Shinigami, Cyborgs do not have direct control over spiritual energy. They may struggle against opponents or in situations where spiritual energy is predominant.